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UK EORI number check

Complete a single UK EORI number check

  1. Copy & Paste your EORI number in the form below.  Example: GB123456729136.
  2. Run a UK EORI number check by clicking ‘Check’.
  3. The result will be shown below in a few seconds.

Batch EORI number check

Get a fast batch check of all your UK EORI numbers for free without any registration and manual work needed.

Frequently asked Questions

What is this service about?

This service is designed for individuals and small-medium businesses to simplify EORI number check and save time.

How much it costs?

It's completly free of charge.

How do you use my information?

We only need your EORI number to complete the check. After the check is complete we delete all information.

What is an EORI number?

An EORI number – which stands for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number – is a unique ID code used to track and register customs information in the EU. From January 1 2021, businesses based in Great Britain will need an EORI number (starting with GB) to import and export goods to the EU.

The format of an EORI number

An EORI number is made up of a country code, to show where the organisation or individual is registered, and a unique code or number. For GB businesses the number is made up as follows:

  • VAT registered businesses: GB + VRN (VAT registration number) + 000
  • Non-VAT registered businesses: GB + unique number issued by HMRC

How to find an EORI number by company name

If you need help finding an EORI number, you can contact the HMRC EORI team using their contact form. 

UK EORI number check