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Spotify: Streaming Giant announces plans to hold disinformation Covid

Spotify: Streaming Giant announces plans to hold disinformation Covid

CEO Daniel EK said that the new warning will redirect users to a data center of Coronavirus facts. The platform also published the existing rules that cover the taxpayers of the transmission giants to share false information that could cause damage. They were developed by the company together with a team of external experts and are updated regularly, said the Swedish billionaire. The rules say that creators should avoid the content that promotes false or dangerous hazardous deceptive medical information that may cause offline damage or represent a direct threat to public health. The content that breaks the rules could be eliminated, and repeated violations could lead to an account that is deleted.

In recent weeks, the company has been under scrutiny about the opinions of its star host, Joe Rogan, who agreed to a $ 100 million agreement to move his popular podcast exclusively to the platform at the end of 2020. This week, the musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell led a procession of artists who demanded that their music from the platform would be eliminated. The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex have also transmitted their concerns to spucification about the erroneous information of Covid, but they will continue working with the platform. Mr. Rogan has published a response from video to controversy on Instagram. He denied trying to spread disinformation, saying he had never tried to do anything with this podcast that is not just talking to people.

My promise for you is that I will do everything possible to try to balance these views more controversial with the prospects of other people, so we can find a better point of view, he said, adding that he had no difficult feelings towards Neil Young or The experience of Joe Rogan is the most popular podcast in Spotify, with a 200 million downloads reported per month.