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John Lewis says that he will not cut the sick pay for unvaccinated staff

John Lewis says that cut the patient salary for progressive staff

Retailer John Lewis said that all staff has the right to pay the full patient for the absenteeisms associated with Covid, regardless of the status of vaccination. After the Ocadoda, Nike and IKEA should be insulated due to the exposure of the temple, only revealed that they pay for the legal minimum staff. John Lewis, Director of Operation, Andrew Murphy said that he decided. And added the firm, it would not make such a change. Some enterprises were conscious of the patient fee policies on non-clear employees in the absence scenarios associated with some Covid-related absenteeism, said Linkedandaşında.

When life offers the opportunities to create an increasing division – and the hopes of the Covidien pandemic phase could come to one’s end – this was the right approach to us. In the UK, although anyone tests themselves, it should isolate non-nazis people for 10 days if the Covidien is in close contact. However, this has caused them to take more time than the completely vaccinated colleagues that do not exist after exposure to the unplanned workers. Among absence rates of rising personnel firms tightens patient payment policies. Currently, Morrisons, IKEA, Ocado, and then only take weekly payments of weekly pay the legal patient fee, unlike full patient salaries, £ 96.35 per week.

However, any workers who are Covid-positive in these retailers will make a full patient payment regarding their vaccination situations. The patient payment segments are also applied in Wessex water and in the United States, several large companies have started to punish the gradual workers. However, retailers Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda all say they pay unvaccinated workers full company sick pay when they are isolating.