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IMF expert: Families may need help with energy bills

IMF expert: Families may need help with energy bills

Families fighting against the UK may need help with energy bills as inflation is completed, an expert on international monetary funds has said. It occurs, since the IMF predicted that the UK economy will grow more slowly than this year is expected, since it recovers from the Covid pandemic. The forecast for the growth of the United Kingdom in 2022 was reduced to 4.7% of 5% in the latest global economic perspective of the IMF. However, this will be the fastest in the G7 industrialized nations. In part, it reflects a rebound of Falls Sharp, the United Kingdom suffered during the initial pandemic blocks two years ago.

The International Monetary Fund is an organization of 190 countries that works to ensure financial stability. She said: The UK has done it very well in the front of vaccination, in testing and tracking, etc. And one could see a case for a very, very directed help at highly vulnerable homes for a short space of time. The increase in food and energy prices handled inflation to 5.4% in 12 months to December, from 5.1% to the previous month, in a blow to the families that fight. The International Monetary Fund expressed concern that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could see that energy prices were even higher and stay there for longer.

Its first attached administrator, Gita Goga Gopinath, supported the idea of help with spiral energy bills in the United Kingdom. It is believed that the treasure is looking in its place by focusing the support for the most needy. In general, the IMF now expects global growth from 5.9% by 2021 to 4.4% by 2022, half of a lower percentage point for this year than in its last prediction in October 2021. The global economy enters 2022 in a weaker position than previously expected, said the IMF report. The IMF predicted that the highest levels of inflation that are currently seen in the global economy would continue for more time than I anticipated in its last prognosis, persisting for most of 2022.

He said that the interruptions of the supply chain, the volatility of the price of energy and the localized salary pressures meant that the uncertainty around inflation and the routes of the policy were high. The economic growth of the USA UU for this year was degraded by the IMF of 5.2% to 4% after eliminating the effects of President Joe Bidens, he built a better package of fiscal policies from his calculations. Legislation is currently stagnated in Congress and is unlikely to be promulgated in its current form. Chinese forecasts for 2022 were cut from 5.6% to 4.8%. In China, the interruption in the housing sector has served as a prelude to a wider deceleration, according to the IMF report.

The IMF said that the trimming in expectations for global growth also reflected revisions among other major emerging markets. In particular, the two largest Latin American economies, Brazil and Mexico, suffered the highest growth casualties. Mexico also saw a downgrade of 1.2 percentage points and is now expected to see a growth of 2.8%.