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Brexit: The review of EU laws will increase growth, votes Boris Johnson

Brexit: The review of EU laws will increase growth, votes Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has promised that a plan to review the EU laws copied after Brexit will encourage businesses to invest in the United Kingdom. But the plan has been criticized by the administrations returned. But the prime minister has been under a growing pressure in recent months, from the MPS to the right of his party to go further. The former Brexit Minister Lord Frost resigned last year, asking the Government to fulfill the opportunities presented by Brexit, adding his letter to the PM: You know my concerns about the current management of travel. There are things we can do differently in a way that will promote business to invest even more, told reporters.

We do not have fun for the good, but we will make sure that this is the number one place to invest and do business due to the freedoms we have, he added. Downing Street said the changes would be based on others from Brexit, which include: The United Kingdom copied the laws to soften its EU exit on January 31, 2020, and kept them during a period of transition that ended in January 2021. Since September, the government has been reviewing which of these wants to stay in its place, ditch or amend. Downing Street said he wanted to facilitate the parliamentarians to change these laws, arguing that eliminating or changing them could take years.

It did not specify the provisions in the bill or how it calculated a claim that companies would save £ 1bn through the cutting of the bureaucracy. But the Brexit Freedom Law project will change that, by giving more power to the ministers to alter the EU retained law more quickly, and not necessarily with the votes in Parliament. It is very unlikely that the fussy employees of the Chamber of the Common allow the government to give the bill a political name, so I bet it is relued as something much more boring. Its part of a policy bombardment this week is visible from space. It will be a new compensation scheme for airline passengers whose flights are delayed.

The Secretary of Cabinets of Scottish Governments of the Constitution Angus Robertson said that the bill would undermine the refund. And Mick Antoniw, the Minister of Wales of the Constitution, said that the Government of the United Kingdom was a coach and horses through the concept of mutual consent. The situation in Northern Ireland is more complicated due to its Special Agreement of Brexit, known as the Protocol, which the United Kingdom is currently being renegotiated. It keeps Northern Ireland within the single EUS market for goods, which means that a significant amount of EU law continues to apply. The Government of the United Kingdom said it would continue to work closely with returned administrations.

Meanwhile, the work criticized the ministers for not using Brexit to discard VAT on energy bills, which had to be at least 5% in the EU. General Attorney General Emily Thornberry said the public overwhelmingly supports the change, adding: it is time for the government to hear. This video can not be reproduced